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Using water as a main resource, Karmairi spa space is presented as reflexology, relaxation and wellness, where guests can find themselves in body and soul.

Reflexology, massages and much more at Hotel Spa Karmairi

Following the Karmairí Hotel Spa philosophy, we created a special outdoor space for the spa. Under the concept of "inspiration for the senses", we designed an area in the middle of nature, the location of the different cabins for specialized treatment, where the customer is the center of attention.

Excellent customer service

Personalized service is what characterizes this space. From the moment the visitor or guest arrives at the spa, is a brief test to identify some basics like if you are pregnant or you have a specific pain. In the case of therapeutic treatments, it delves deeper into the questions. This information serves as a guide to assist customers in choosing the treatment that they want to continue, or whether it is a simple one-hour massage, the rituals of two hours or the average comprehensive DTR (detoxification, Toning and Relaxation) for three hours. No matter if the goal is the stimulation and invigoration, relaxation, nutrition and hydration, or simply the regulation, the DTR program is designed to meet each of them.

In addition, before starting any treatment, our spa manager works with the client, making a synergy of base oils with scents that he chooses, creating a delicious formula for your own massage.

Massages, nutritional advice and other recommendations are included for a healthy lifestyle.

Specialized treatments

Inspired by many Oriental techniques and holistic thinking, specialized treatments are designed in an integrated manner, working in your body, mind and spirit. Each of the programs proposed by Karmairí Hotel Spa taps sensory therapies, massage, reflexology, sounds, scents, fruits and herbs. Each oil, each scent and each aroma have been chosen so that all senses are stimulated during the sessions. The objective is to bring the individual into a state of relaxation and pleasure that you bring peace and new energy.

According on your needs and tastes, the hotel guests and visitors can choose the program you need and plan therapy sessions. These are some of our Karmairi Spa Hotel services:



Detox Specialized three hours program. Activates and stimulates the body, mind, senses and prepares skin to receive new nutrients.
Tonificación Specialized three hours program. Regulates excess of heat, hydrates and tones the tissues.
Relajación Specialized three hours program. It calms the mind and gives energy to the body, relaxes muscles and stimulates the production of hormones.
RITUALES KARMAIRI Through this comprehensive menu, Karmairi Hotel Spa makes a celebration of body and spirit. Everything that has been called Karmairi Hotel Spa Rituals.
Colombia en tus sentidos This energizing ritual comes with the best of our land, a tribute to our coffee that brings draining and toning benefits. An unforgettable experience.
Honey massage This ritual, based on honey treatment, the body is wrapped in an optimum emulsion to massage spa, becoming a pure bath deep hydration and regeneration. A gentle massage for body and soul.
Wine spa Desde tiempos inmemoriales, la uva y el vino han sido fieles aliados de la belleza. En este ritual se ha elaborado un coctel regenerador y altamente antioxidante que devuelve la luminosidad a la piel y tonifica los tejidos.
Brisa tropical Paradise of palm trees and exotic fruits, are the perfect mix for a detox ritual, that gives energy to your body.
Karmairí Adán In this fresh and exotic combination of plants and herbal scents the guest experiences an incredible encounter with nature, while it purifies and nourishes the tissues, filled with vitality and energy. A new beginning for body and spirit.
Karmairí Duo (para dos) Either honey, grapes, coffee, the paradise of Adam or the tropical breeze, are the main characters to go into a tour together for the steam room, exfoliation, hydrotherapy cabin, Thai massage - Yoga, massage cabin Duo, and Jacuzzi. A true encounter with the other.
Karmairí a tus pies A session to encourage, enrich and give energy to the body through reflexology massage.
Karmairí Touch Karmairi Hotel Spa also features a series of massages inspired by oriental techniques, providing the body and mind this touch through excellent massage.
Bliss on the rock Quartz stone massage and marble
Bambú massage Massage with bamboo sticks.
Coconut spa Massage with coconut.
Karmairí Ayur Special massage that combines 4 hand pindas and aromatherapy.
Aroma Karmairí Aromatherapy Massage in raindrop.
Ritual de luz – Thai yoga massage Massage with hot candles at sunset.